Boys lacrosse expected to continue playing strong after beginning the season with a solid 5-1 overall record

Team captains look to both veterans and underclassman varsity players to improve upon last season’s performance

Following a dominant performance in a tournament and an early 2-0 league record, the Palo Alto High School boys lacrosse team is looking to continue their success. The team has played extremely well in their first two games, beating Burlingame High School and Los Gatos High School with respective scores of 16-7 and 20-8.

“[In the Los Gatos game], we won as a team, and everyone got to play,   senior Jordan Gans said. “Tully McCalister and Matt Seligson played well that game.”

Since the season started the team has faced strong teams; Los Gatos was a team they were able to best on both offense and defense.

“The win against [Los] Gatos was our best win of the season so far because we were able to dominate on every part of the field,” sophomore Matt Seligson said. “[Sophomore]Quintin Valenti and [senior] James Harrison held down the defensive end and created a lot of turnovers for us. Christian Laurence is showing a lot of promise as a first year varsity player; picking up ground balls off face-offs.”

Seligson also believed the offense performed well during their recent games.

“During the Gatos game [our midfield unit] transitioned the ball well and created many fast break opportunities,” Seligson said. “[Junior] Zach Levitan has great vision and led the team in assists that game. Our attack unit did extremely well last game, and accounted for over 13 of the game’s 20 goals.”

The team has continued to work hard during practice, while ensuring that all members of the team are aware of the game plan. By following these protocols, they’ve been able to cement their success.

“We have been able to win games by practicing hard and sticking to the game plan,” Gans said.

Gans and Seligson both had a fantastic game, both of whom managed to lead the game to victory during the Gatos game.

“Jordan Gans and Matt Seligson have really shown their presence on the field and scoreboard so far this year,” sophomore Cole Tierney said.

Despite multiple injuries setting back the team, they have proceeded to do extremely well.

“[Seniors] Zach [Rizk] and Will Hare, who are out right now, have both taken their injuries really positively,” Gans said. “I can’t imagine the physical and emotional pain they are going through.”

Gans also went on to comment on the general status of the team.

“We have a lot of players who don’t get to see the field a lot during the game but go hard during practice and help the team improve.”

Paly will next play at home against Menlo School on April 1.