HBO premieres show featuring Palo Alto and Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley showcases tech communitieswhile combining real life, comedic humor

HBO premiered its new show “Silicon Valley” on April 6, with the season premier called “Minimum Viable Product.” Since then, there has been two other episodes entitled “The Cap Table” and “Articles of Incorporation.”
With both episodes directed by Mike Judge, “Silicon Valley” takes the audience into the technology hub of the world: Palo Alto.
The main character Thomas Middleditch is presented as a typical engineer of the startup world.
During the day, Middleditch works for a successful company called Hooli. At night he works and codes his way to make his idea the best. After failing multiple times, the compression algorithm he so desperately tries to compose gets the eyes of powerful investors. Hooli’s company CEO off

From left: Zach Woods, Thomas Middleditch, Alec Berg, Mike Judge, T.J. Miller and Kumail Janjiani convene on the set of new HBO show “Silicon Valley”.

ers him $10 million dollars, but he turns it down to experience the wild ride of success.
While the plot itself is a bit traditional, the snippets of the attempt to replicate “The Valley” motto seem very real.
Whether it be the not-so nice investors, the big time CEOs who think their product changes the world or the casualness at the workplace, “Silicon Valley” does a great job of replicating reality. The combination of comedy, aspects of real life and the nerdy characters make this show great for the whole family to watch and enjoy.
For anyone moderately into technology and learning how “The Valley” works, I would recommend this TV show to them.
The show airs Sundays on HBO at 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.