Student body elects 2014-15 ASB officers

Newly elected student body officers share goals, plans for next year

On March 28, the Palo Alto High School Associated Student Body (ASB) released the results for the 2014-15 officers-elect positions.

ASB executive officer positions include  president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. The president for next year will be by junior Claire Liu and sophomore Reid Walters will be her vice president. Junior Courtney Hull will be ASB treasurer and sophomore Joseph Kao will take on the duty of ASB secretary. Aside from the ASB officers, the results for grade officers were released as well.

In the sophomore, junior and senior grades, grade presidents will be Noa Ben-Efraim, William Zhou and Maya Ben-Efraim, respectively. Vice president positions for the upcoming term in each grade will be Anmol Nagar for sophomores, Eli Friedlander for juniors and Olivia Scola for seniors.

Liu has the duty of leading ASB meetings and connecting ASB to the administration.

“I voted for Claire because not only is she a leader, but she’s approachable as well,” sophomore Griffin Carlson said. “I know she truly cares about every student.”

Walters’s main job is to work with school clubs and act as the connecting link between these clubs and ASB. Walter hopes to increase student participation in the many clubs on campus.

“We have a lot of really interesting clubs,” Walters said.

As ASB treasurer next year, Hull will mostly be responsible for dealing with money and funds, along with Julia Sing, Paly’s auditor, to help balance the annual expenses of the ASB committee.

“Being treasurer next year I want to keep the budget balanced and fundraise a lot to make sure events are fun and interesting for students,” Hull said. “I also haven’t been in ASB before and so I’m hoping to contribute a new perspective to ASB.”

Next year’s secretary, Kao, will be responsible for coordinating the publicity of upcoming school events, while getting more students active and involved in them.

“My plans for next year are to work closely with the other student body officers to create more events that everyone can relate to and also make people’s ideas heard,” Kao said. “Most importantly, my goal is to make next year as fun as possible.”

Kao works with the social commissioners and carries out the duties assigned to him by the president.