Letter to the editors

Paly Editors,

Thank you very much for your comprehensive article of April 25, “Running out of Time”. It captured well the current situation of the mobile home park closure. As you noted, on the May 12th, an appointed Administrative Judge begins to evaluate at the merits of the Relocation Impact Report submitted by the owners. Immediately before that hearing begins, Friends of Buena Vista will hold a rally in support of residents of the Park.

I’m writing to encourage The Campanile to follow up your “Running out of Time” article with another post that informs the community of this rally.

Sue Eldredge and I co-chair a PTAC formed committee to support the residents of the Park, in particular as it relates to the many families with 100+ school-aged children in the PAUSD. Knowledge of the rally and the public hearing to follow affords community members to get involved. The Campanile’s reach with Paly-affiliated students and parents (and beyond) makes it a great publication to keep this demographic of the community aware and involved.

Sara Woodham