Constuction blocks major parking area

Alternate routes to Town and Country have been developed for Paly students

Due to recent construction, Palo Alto High School students have found their route to neighboring Town & Country more difficult than in preceding years. Paly began its construction this summer which will eventually result in an expanded and improved Embarcadero entrance and a new theater. The construction engulfs the front of the school, and as students hustle to get their lunches, they are forced to go one of two ways through the left side of the school. Students choose between traveling along the bike path, an overpass that runs alongside the Caltrain, or along the sidewalk following the construction zone that has been put the in front of the high school.

In the previous years, the construction of the Media Arts Center had temporarily closed the route along the bike path. Due to the more recent construction closing the most efficient path to Town & Country, it has been re-opened. The alternative path, the sidewalk along the construction, was constructed this summer to help relieve the congestion during lunch. This path leads to the stoplight originally used to cross Embarcadero Road.