New dean of students joins administrative staff

New program gives teachers a chance to improve learning enviroment

Adam Paulson, the official dean of students for the 2014-2015 school year, is the newest addition to Palo Alto High School’s administration.

Paulson was the previous principal of Arundel Elementary School in San Carlos, Calif. He will be working with administration, technology, after school sports and events, testing and student discipline.

In a farewell message to Arundel Elementary School parents, students and staff, Paulson expressed the bittersweet transition from Arundel Elementary School to Paly.

“With many years of teaching experience at the secondary grade levels, it has been my goal to return to the high school level as an administrator. The downside is that I will be transitioning from the role of principal of Arundel School,” Paulson said.

The administration is also promoting Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) this year, so teachers have the opportunity to take on specific roles in order to improve the learning environment for students and staff on campus.

As this year’s Professional Learning TOSA, freshman English teacher Kindel Launer will guide teachers in incorporating technology into learning as well as achieving overall school goals.

The EdTech TOSAs, science teacher Mindy Steiner and career tech education teacher Paul Hoeprich, look helpful ways to integrate technology in an effective manner. History teacher Eric Bloom, the School Climate TOSA, works to facilitate activities such as Not In Our Schools week, Unity Day and Camp Everytown in order to create a welcoming community.

“[My role is to] act as a conduit for communication and coordination among the various groups to best support each individual group’s efforts” Bloom said. “[I hope to] build a strong school climate committee that is making a measurable impact.”

The administration welcomes the new dean of students, Adam Paulson, and is promoting TOSA, a program that allows teachers to work in projects to improve the overall Paly ambiance.