New rap artists emerge

Eclectic new groups bring refreshing change

At the moment, there are hundreds of rap artists coming out with new music everyday, and a large amount of this music is very similar and unoriginal. However, there are some groups making their way onto the hip hop scene in their own remarkable way.


Bones and TeamSesh are doing many things to distinguish themselves in the hip-hop community with their unique lyrics and flow. Bones is 19-year-old rapper from Los Angeles and has released hundreds of songs since early 2012.

To accompany these songs, he usually films very psychedelic videos using old Video Home System (VHS) cameras.

He commonly collaborates with former members of the Raider Klan, a very prominent underground rap group. He has also collaborated with rappers Yung Lean and Spooky Black.

Bones has other rappers in his group TeamSesh, and they are starting to release their mixtapes. On Sept. 3, Bones released a 17-song mixtape for free. You can download the mixtape on his website

He is performing at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco on Sept. 26.


A little over a year ago, Yung Lean started making his obscure tunes with accompanying videos. Over time, the Swedish teens popularity grew because of his unique music and fixation with Arizona Iced Tea.

In July of 2013, he released an album titled Unknown Death 2002. He is most known for a single released in December 2013, titled “Kyoto.” The video for this single is his most viewed video, with more than 3 million views.

After this, he released his first single from his upcoming album Unknown Memory 2002, which comes out Sept. 23. Other members of his crew include producers Yung Gud and Yung Sherman.

The Pack

Berkeley natives Lil Uno, Lil B, Young L and Stunnaman gained a nationwide audience in 2006 when they released their hit single “Vans.”

They made a couple albums as a group but never surpassed their original fame. Despite this, members of the band have been able to have successful careers.

Most notably, Lil B aka “The BasedGod” has had quite a successful music career. He has released thousands of songs and continues to release mixtapes periodically.

He has gained a cult following, and his unique style continues to surprise the rap community.


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