“Let’s Be Cops” movie good for a laugh

Off-beat comedy may appeal to some

Edgy, funny and perhaps a bit offensive, “Let’s Be Cops” is everything a decent buddy comedy should be.

The film centers around slacker Ryan, played by Jake M. Johnson, and his insecure roommate and best friend Justin, played by college football player, is unemployed and tries to relive his glory days on the field by “coaching” young children in football. Justin is an unhappy videogame designer who lacks the courage to stand up for the games he creates. The two are going through a hard time, and Justin thinks it may be time to move from Los Angeles back to Ohio.

One night, the duo goes to a masquerade party, which Ryan mistakes for a costume party, dressed as Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers. After leaving the party, they realize the public believes they are cops and therefore respect them.

Ryan and Justin continue dressing as cops and the situation soon escalates to the point where Ryan buys a police car off eBay.

Though Justin, the voice of reason, is skeptical about continuing their highly illegal escapades, he continues because he relishes the newfound respect and confidence. Ryan continues because he has finally found something to occupy his time, something which has given him a purpose in life.

However, things get serious when our protagonists begin investigating the Albanian mafia, headed by the suave and brutal Mossi, played by James D’Arcy.

With exceptional comedic timing and great supporting roles, including Keegan Michael Key, as an eccentric drug dealer and Rob Riggle as an actual LAPD officer, this comedy lacks a dull moment.

The fact that Ryan could have joined the Police Academy and become a cop rather than putting in so much work to impersonate one is definitely a drawback from the film. Another drawback is that the film is tasteless at some points, from a minor character blurting out, “I want to shoot at cops, I don’t wanna be one” to a morbidly obese man dragging his genitals across Ryan’s face.

There are undoubtedly a few moments that will not go over well with some viewers.

“It had a couple plot holes, but “Let’s Be Cops” is an exceptional comedy with great jokes and a strong cast,” senior Alex Dees said.

The perpetual laughs and overall strong performances easily make “Let’s Be Cops” a movie worth watching.