1 in 2000: This edition featuring Alex Ramirez

This edition featuring Alex Ramirez


The Campanile: How do you feel about nomination for best ride?
Alex Ramirez: I feel more then content with my senior poll election, I really did not think that people would pull through for me. It feels like they’re happy that I was selected. I guess you could say I’m a dark horse for the winning selection, I think Jeremy Revlock has some competition coming his way.  Overall I feel pretty good about it, I feel grateful just to be in the spot I am right now.
TC: Do you intend to win?
AR: You always have to attend to win, no hard feelings for everyone else but I’m pretty sure I’m going to win, at least that’s the attitude I have to have.
TC: So you left Paly for a year?
AR: Your right, good observation.
TC: How is it coming back for your senior year?
AR: Senior year is probably the year I wanted to be here just because I wanted to graduate with all my fellow peers. It’s good seeing everyone again.
TC: People draw parallels between yourself and LeBron James with your return, how do you feel about that comparison?
AR: Really LeBron said he was coming home and that’s how I feel. Home is where the heart is, and also where your wifi is.
TC: How were your first two weeks of fantasy football season?
AR: Week one sucked! I can tell you that Aaron Rogers did not pull through for me. I am not one of those fantasy fanatics, but I do it for fun and am at a record of 1-1. The second week I really improved, well I guess my players improved since I didn’t really do anything.
TC:  You can take credit, give credit where credit is due.
AR: Well the thing is I manage people best in my league, but I definitely have to stop picking players who eventually get suspended like Ray Rice, Josh Gordon, and Ray McDonald. It has literally killed a third of my team.
TC:  What hobbies do you have other then fantasy football?
AR: I play video games and I like playing basketball.
TC: Oh ball is life.
AR: Yes exactly that’s exactly what I was going to say: I am the king of the court, people fear me at the YMCA.
TC: What’s the most people you’d sleep with in one night?
AR: I’m confused on the term sleep with.
TC: Have sexual relations?
AR: I plan on saving myself for Jesus, I feel like I should be responsible because I want people to look up to me and see me as someone who has got their act together, no nonsense.
TC: So no partying for A-Ram?
AR: Oh clever, clever answer, I mean I think Kesha put it best “The party don’t start till I walk in.”
TC: What are four adjectives you would use to describe yourself?
AR: The best, humorous, friendly and eye candy. I mean I don’t even know why I wasn’t even mentioned for best to bring home to parents for senior polls. Or they should have made a new poll for me, just “best.”
TC: Any advice for the Paly community on how to be Alex Ramirez?
AR: You can’t be me, in order to be the best you have got to beat the best and there’s no beating the best in this situation.