Seven resourceful websites for students

Educational websites have become popular among students due to their helpfulness


Dami Bolarinwa

Senior Ella Mernyk uses Quizlet, an online flashcard creation website, to make a personalized study guide for her psychology class. Quizlet is one of many academic websites.

Like it or not, in most classes you’ll need more than just the textbook to help you pass. But don’t fret, the internet is here to save you. Whether it be supplementary learning material, assistance in productivity, or study tools that you need, the internet has it. Here is a list of several educational websites that can help get you through high school (and college).

1) Khan Academy
If you have a class taught by an incompetent teacher or you just don’t understand half of the curriculum, Khan Academy is the website for you. On the website, there are video lectures of subjects ranging from sciences to arts, and for each subject there are periodical quizzes that test your understanding of the subject. Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, has created almost 5,000 information-packed video lectures that allow you learn anywhere you have access to a computer or smart device with an internet connection. Through the lectures, you can pace your own learning and touch on information that perhaps your teacher didn’t explain well or just didn’t go over, as well as on material that might have confused you.

2) YouTube
In a similar boat with Khan Academy, YouTube tutorials can be great supplemental material to a course. John and Hank Green host a channel called CrashCourse on YouTube that can be extremely helpful if you’re taking chemistry, biology, literature, history or psychology. Additionally, Brightstorm on YouTube provides lectures on physics that are quite informational (once you get past his unnerving enthusiasm for physics). There are many other educational playlists and individual videos on YouTube, and if you have any qualms with a certain subject, YouTube is a good place to turn for explanation.

3) Wolfram Alpha
There’s just about nothing that Wolfram Alpha can’t solve. I mean, it even knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop (3481, in case you were wondering). But seriously, if you’re hung up on a math homework involving complex functions that a simple calculator can’t solve, Wolfram Alpha can save you hours.

4) Quizlet
Ever felt the urge to make a set of index cards, but found that you had none in your possession? Save yourself a trip to the convenience store and make a set on Quizlet. Along with providing you virtual notecards, there are many free features on the website that help you, including traditional quizzes and interactive games. Quizlet is especially useful if you have vocabulary that you need to memorize (whether it be for SAT prep or for a language class)

With a wide database of notes for Advance Placement (AP) courses, can save you much tribulation in studying for AP classes. is a great tool for aggregating material to put in study guides for tests, and can help you review chapters in the textbooks without having to completely reread them. There is also a multitude of practice tests on each subject, along with outlines and sample essays that are useful in building comprehension of a subject.

6) is a very dependable word translator (as opposed to its dubious counterpart, Google Translate, which sometimes spits out convoluted translations) that is recommended by many teachers who are instructing a language course. It also is quite useful for conjugating verbs and explaining verb conjugations if you’re ever caught up on verb forms.

7) College Prowler
If you’ve ever felt lost or overwhelmed by the mass of colleges out there, College Prowler can help you find colleges and majors that are attuned to your interests and likes. By filling out a basic survey, College Prowler can give you an idea of the kind of colleges that would be interested in admitting you. From there, you can select certain colleges that you would like to attend, and it will give you further suggestions on colleges you may not have heard of that you might consider applying to. For each school, users post reviews that evaluate several aspects of the school, from the quality of academics to parking availability.