Athlete of the Month: Halle Biorn

with The Campanile’s own Owen Dulik

Junior Halle Biorn is on the Varsity girls tennis team. Biorn has been on the Paly tennis team for three years this year. In the game against Santa Clara, the team won 7-0. 

The Campanile: You are Halle Biorn of the Paly Varsity girls tennis team. How is the season going so far?

Halle Biorn: Good.

TC: What’s your guys’ record?

HB: We’re undefeated.

TC: Wow. What’s your personal record?


TC: Nice. What position do you play for the team?

HB: Number one doubles.

TC: Okay, who is your doubles partner?

HB: Meredith Cummings.

TC: And how would you describe your chemistry?

HB: We have beautiful chemistry.

TC: Does it really come together on the court?

HB: Yeah, just magical.

TC: Now that you’re an upperclassman, have you accepted a larger leadership role?

HB: Oh yeah. For sure.

TC: Describe how you help the team out in that way.

HB: I lead them with my intelligence.

TC: How would you describe your growing relationship with head coach Andy Harader?

HB: Andre and me are best friends. We have a love-hate relationship.

TC: For the future, do you plan to play tennis in college?

HB: I mean, if I got in on a scholarship then sure, but I just want to live up the college life.

TC: Do you have a good grunt?

HB: Oh yeah. For sure. Grunts are very important in women’s tennis. You’ve got to have a good one.

TC: How fast do you think you can serve?

HB: Definitely like four million miles per hour.

TC: Alright, four million, that is going on the record. What would you say your athletic talents are that really help you get the edge on the court?

HB: I’m really good at, for volleys, aiming at the other person so that it hits them.

TC: There was actually a girl from Atherton who was in the U.S. Open. Do you know Cici Bellis?

HB: Yes, I do know Cici Bellis.

TC: Do you think that you can beat her?

HB: Oh yeah. For sure. No, she’s really good.

TC: Do you like Serena Williams?

HB: Yeah, I do.

TC: You know, I’ve actually seen you play and you remind me a lot of Serena on the court.

HB: Thank you. Serena has a huge butt.

TC: Alright, any last words you would like to say?

HB: Come support Paly Tennis.

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