Underground rap concert a hit, performance exhilarating

SesHollowWaterBoyz’ San Francisco concert entertaining and intense, crowd animated

The faction of SesHollowWaterBoyz consists of rap groups TeamSesh, Water Boyz, Hollow Squad and Healthy Boyz. Including rap artists by the names of Bones, Chris Travis, Xavier Wulf and Eddy Baker, all of these artists are very apparent in the underground rap music scene today.

Bones is the leader of his own crew, Teamsesh who are upcoming rap group from the Los Angeles area. Xavier Wulf is a former member of the Miami rap group Raider Klan, and is currently is the leader of his own group, Hollow Squad. Chris Travis is a rapper from Memphis, who leads the group Waterboyz. Eddy Baker is a rapper from Ontario who proudly represents his crew, Healthy Boyz. On Friday, Sept. 26 they played a show at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

The show itself was a very live, amped up performance partly due to the artists themselves with a majority of the credit going to the very energized and animated crowd members. The show was quite entertaining but even though it was a group show, there seemed to be a main focus on Eddy Baker. However, the concert could have used more solo tracks performed by Chris Travis and Bones.

The crowd started multiple mosh-pits in the end resulting in synchronized movement by the entire, packed crowd. The show itself got so intense and electrified that at different moments in the night, a couple of fights broke out. Security took both involved in the fights out of the crowd, then the mosh continued. Besides the interruptions because of these fights, the show was a consistent mosh for a little over three hours.

Though the show and its crowd did not have a mosh as active as if you were at a punk or metal show, it was quite an impressive and motivated show, especially for rap music. The elusive Bones could not be reached for his opinion on how the show went, but the audience’s reactions were quite favorable of both Bones’s performance and on the concert overall.

The show itself was very impressive, even though the venue was small. Though normally I would not be a fan of such a small venue, it fit the show quite well. Overall the show was quite an interesting, memorable time that I would like to experience again. I would easily recommend to anyone attending a similar show in the future.