Girls tennis team leads undefeated season

The girls tennis team thrives after moving down to El Camino League

Moving down from the De Anza League to the El Camino League has allowed the Palo Alto High School girls tennis team to have an undefeated season thus far, with a record of 3-0.

On Sept 23, the Palo Alto HighSchool girls tennis team defeated the Wilcox High School tennis team in an away game with a score of 5-2. The Lady Vikings also scored 5-2 against Fremont High School, defeating Fremont in the home match on Sept. 25. Adding to its victories, the team played Santa Clara High School on Sept. 30 and beat them 7-0.

One of the captains of the team, senior Madeline Lee, thinks that this year is an excellent precursor for next year.

“Being in the El Camino League this year is great,” Lee said. “We are using it as a growth year, and next year, even though I will not be on the team, we will try to take our success and continue to perform well in the De Anza League.”

The Lady Vikings had an additional home game against Cupertino High School on Oct. 7 and the other. The game resulted in a victory for the girls; they scored 5-2, furthering their undefeated streak.

The girls tennis team has only two more league games that will take place at Paly. All other games will be away. At the end of the season, the first round of the Central Coast Section (CCS) tournament will be held at home.

On Oct. 29, the girls will be playing their neighbor, Henry M. Gunn High School.

“The match against Gunn is always interesting simply because it’s Gunn and we’re close to a lot of people on the team,” junior Halle Biorn said.  “We’re a goofy team and that’s good, but there are times when we need to be serious and focus, and we really struffle with those times.”

In addition to Gunn, Biorn feels that Milpitas High School and Mountain View High school will still be tough matches.

Soon, the girls tennis team will begin playing the same schools for a second time.  The team will have second match against each Wilcox, Fremont and Santa Clara on Oct. 16, Oct. 21 and Oct. 23, respectively.

“The match against Gunn should be close, but in the end, we will definitely pull through with the win,” Biorn said.