Volleyball team stays positive despite losses

Two wins after losing streak ignites the volleyball team until CCS loss

Following a tough losing streak, Palo Alto High School’s volleyball hoped to carry positive momentum gained during its last two games into Central Coast Section (CCS) playoffs, but ultimately lost against Mountain View High School, ending its season.

During CCS, the team beat Independence High School 3-1, but lost to Mountain View 1-3.

Paly’s volleyball team had a shaky season, losing six of its past ten games.

“Our downfall this season has been when we get down we get negative and then we don’t play well as a team,” senior Molly Fogarty said.

Senior Charlene Zhu attributes the team’s success against both teams to its hard work on and off the court, as the team improved plays that were  previously unsuccessful during previous games against Henry M. Gunn High School and Mountain View High School.

“We’ve been staying positive and remembering that we have it in us to beat both teams,” Zhu said. “Looking back, some good points were our team dynamic on the court and the great amount of cheering on the bench.”

Despite the shaky season, many on the team still maintain a positive outlook. This season was especially memorable for seniors, who are wrapping up their volleyball careers at Paly.

“This season really put into perspective the game for me as a player and reminded me why I play,” senior Jade Schoenberger said. “It’s not for the wins but because I love the competition and my team.”

Going into the CCS playoffs, the Lady Vikes hoped to improve consistency while playing to bounce back from a run of points for the other team, or even a lost game.

“Sometimes we will be doing well in a match and then we will lose a string of points because we are unable to side out,” senior Anna Dukovic said. “So, being able to side out fast and keep a consistent level of play will be good things to focus on for the future.”

The Lady Vikes were able to overcome a tough losing streak late in the season and won a game in CCS. Overall, the Lady Vikes had a good run, despite a shaky start.