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Junior linebacker Shaun Pike thrived this season, as he led the team in sacks, was at the top with tackles and had a major offensive presence.

The Campanile: So how did you feel about the end of the football season?
Shaun Pike: It was pretty disappointing. I wish that it could’ve ended differently, but you know, it doesn’t always work out.
TC: How did you feel about your performance overall this season?
SP: I think that I had a pretty good year. I played hard in every game that I played in. I was proud of my performance.
TC: Do you think that you are the best player on the football team?
SP: No comment.
TC: Who is better than you?
SP: Not Justin Hull. Not QB1.
TC: What would you say are your best qualities as an athlete?
SP: I just like to hurt people.
TC: Are you quoting Tim Riggins?
SP: I am not. It’s just the truth.
TC: Do you see yourself playing college football?
SP: Yessir.
TC: Where would you play if you could?
SP: Ole Miss, U of A and LSU.
TC: Do you think you are on your way to playing there?
SP: We will have to see.
TC: Do you see yourself in the NFL in the future?
SP: Oh, of course.
TC: If you had to liken your athletic abilities to those of one NFL player, who would it be and why?
SP: Luke Kuechly, because I am just sick like that.
TC: So who is your favorite NFL team?
SP: The Niners.
TC: Could you please describe your feelings towards the Oakland Raiders?
SP: Raaaaaiiiiiderssss. All I gotta say is, win lose or tie, Raiders ‘til I die.
TC: What would you say your most impressive stat was this season?
SP: You know I led the team in sacks this year.
TC: Is there an emotional aspect of your leadership?
SP: Of course. I am a very inspiring individual.
TC: How do you think the team views you?
SP: You can ask them that question.
TC: What do you think of Coach Halas?
SP: Halas is awesome. He’s the nicest guy, but not on the field, you know? He does what he needs to do.
TC: Who is the better football player, Coach Halas in his prime, or you now?
SP: I would have to go with myself, not gonna lie.
TC: If you could play any position in football, what would you play?
SP: Linebacker, that’s where it’s at. And wide receiver, because that looks fun.
TC: Do you think that you could start over Eli Givens?
SP: Yeah, Eli sucks. And he’s slow.
TC: So you’re a two sport varsity athlete. What position do you play in baseball?
SP: Third base.
TC: Would you liken yourself more to Josh Donaldson or Pablo Sandoval and why?
SP: Pablo Sandoval. Because our lips are very similar. I’m also lazy.
TC: Do you have any last words?
SP: God Bless America. Texas Forever.

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