Best places to study for finals

Uh oh, finals are almost here! That means lots of cramming and, in most cases, lots of stress. But, don’t fear, the Campanile is here to help.

With finals week around the corner, it is important for students to find their ideal study locations. When a student finds a study spot that suits him or her, he or she can maximize productivity, making good use of time studying and ensuring maximum performance during finals. There are many local locations that can accommodate students and foster a productive studying environment bothw on campus and off. However, settling on one spot is not always the best choice, as a student that changes where they study every so often will actually expands their ability to learn and retain information.

The Paly library: The library is an outstanding study spot, as it is accessible during prep, lunch, tutorial and after school. It has a vast array of resources from its selection of useful books to its knowledgeable librarians.  Students can study casually in the main library while chatting with friends or listening to music, study intently in the silent study room or seek assistance in the Academic Resource Center.

At home: An obvious, safe choice.  Students can lock themselves in their room and study for hours or have friends over for a group study session.  A major upside here is the freedom students have to listen to music, eat, watch TV or pretty much do as they please while pouring over their notes and textbooks.

The park (Greer? Pardee Park? You choose!): Go to the park. Relax. Sit on a bench and watch children at play while preparing for finals.  Canine lovers can even study at the dog park.  There are many parks all around Palo Alto, so students can explore and find their ideal outdoor study spot.

The car: Many students bring their notes into the car and study while in transit.  Most do not study while driving, although doing so is not a bad idea: the danger causes adrenaline which increases the ability to retain knowledge.  Less daring students can study from the passenger seat in order to utilize every moment possible.

A coffee shop: A classy choice.  Coffee is full of caffeine which does wonders for studying.  Additionally, some of the smartest people in the country visit coffee houses, so a student who studies at one might become smarter just by spending time around such company.  Of the many coffee shops nearby, some of the best include: Coupa, Peets, Starbucks, and Borrone.

The bar: It is illegal for students under 21 to study at bars.

*The Campanile does not condone reading or studying while driving or the illegal consumption of alcohol by minors.