Paly administration discusses its new staff, ongoing construction and its new buildings

Unique teacher integration program and plans for the construction of multiple new buildings on campus among the administration’s objectives and goals for Paly

The administration has hired 17 new staff members this year, and principal Kim Diorio is pleased with how they have impacted Palo Alto High School so far.

Positions have been filled around the school, most notably in the English department.

“I think [the teachers have] really integrated into our campus well,” Diorio said. “Some of them are already very involved in student life in terms of clubs and helping out during Spirit Week. I think we hired some really great teachers. They have fresh eyes and a new perspective on things.”

Paly has also implemented a unique program to facilitate new educators.

“We pair new teachers up with veteran teachers so that they have a mentor on campus, somebody who helps them with curriculum and with classroom expectations, as well as working with their instructional supervisor for each department,” Diorio said. “Overall, integration of new teachers has been fluid.”

In summary, our new staff members are doing an exceptional job and have already proved to be a valuable part of our school.

Construction across campus is currently a concern held by many students.

“The Performing Art Center is on track — that’s good,” Diorio said. “We’re doing the library renovation planning right now, and [the schematic design is] going to go to the [School] Board in December.”

Additionally, the old gym’s destruction continues to be planned.

“The last I heard about the gym is they’re now thinking of tearing it down in February,” Diorio said. “It’s been approved by [the Division of the State Architect], but their architect and their contractor are now working out some of the details with the engineers, making sure it’s structurally sound.”

Diorio believes that the new Media and Arts Center has already proved to be a massive success and a worthwhile investment for Paly.

“Teachers love it, staff love it, parents love it, students love it,” Diorio said. “It’s really creative and innovative and a great place to go and work. It has such a different feel than any other [building on campus], and I think people are saying they want more places like it.”