Cool Winter Fashion Trends

Those freezing 60 degree Palo Alto winter days are around the corner, and The Campanile has got you prepped with a few trendy items to help you improve your winter wardrobe. If you are already trapped in the lull of bundling up in sweaters and hoodies and the same pair of old jeans everyday, these tips below might help you out. Don’t get us wrong, hoodies are comfortable, and we are all oddly attached to our jeans, but there are so many more stylish options out there. With just a few different choices, you will be stylin’ all winter, while staying warm and comfortable, too.


Almost the “grown up” equivalent of a hoodie, pea coats keep you warm, and can be thrown on over virtually any top and with most pants or skirts. Pea coats come in a variety of colors, lengths and designs, but most are made out of polyester and cotton, and some may even be lined with fleece, making pea coats a reliable winter jacket or coat for everyday use. Many pea coats are designed with cute buttons or toggles, and these buttons also allow for the coat to either be buttoned all the way up or be unbuttoned and worn more like a parka, revealing whatever top you may be wearing. Pea coats allow for the perfect amount of space around one’s neck to also wear either a piece of statement jewelry or a scarf, an opportunity to add another element to one’s outfit. Though some pea coats may be priced a little higher than some are used to when buying outerwear, they are definitely a worthile purchase.

Riding Boots

Over the past few years, many have started to catch on to the trend of short, almost masculine, lace up boots known as combat boots. These boots definitely add emphasis to one’s outfit but do not quite pair well with every winter outfit in the book. A more versatile type of boot would be riding, or equestrian boots, which are taller, knee height, flat-heeled and usually have a zipper with no laces. These boots have a more mature, elegant feel, and in our opinion, can be paired with more outfits, as they have a more neutral look than combat boots. Riding boots come in a variety of colors, usually in either cognac, dark brown or black. An interesting twist on these boots are “two-toned” riding boots, a version that are usually black from the bottom to the start of the rounded top of the boot, and a brown or cognac at the rounded top of the boot. Whichever variety of riding boots you purchase, whether they are solid or two toned, or have buckles and embellishments, they are sure to keep your feet warm, especially when paired with a cute pair of high knee boot socks. Boots are generally quite expensive when compared to other shoes, especially if they are made out of leather, but can usually last you many winter seasons without showing too many signs of wear.


There are loads of knit items to be purchased out there from scarves to sweaters to leggings and tights. Knits are especially soft and comfortable and look fashionable while also keeping you warm, so they are the number one thing you will want during the winter season. Knit scarves, tights or leggings can go together with virtually any outfit — as long as the pattern or color does not clash. Knit scarves are the perfect accessory to top off anyone’s outfit and give it something a little special for winter. Knit tights or leggings, especially ones that are not the traditional black color and have a bit of pattern to them, can make an outfit more unique and stand out. Sweaters are most likely the hardest knit item to style but can be casually thrown on over dresses to keep warm or tucked into high-waisted skirts and pants for a more modern look. At many stores, knits seem to be overpriced, so we recommend you buy them on sale, or from stores which generally have cheaper items.


Palo Alto doesn’t get many sub-zero days, so medium-weight jackets should be enough to get you by this winter. A few staples are denim jackets, chore coats, Harrington jackets, M-65s, varsity jackets and bomber jackets. Denim jackets and chore coats can be paired with just about anything but the same color of denim jeans, and can fit a streetwear aesthetic as well as workwear one. Harringtons are also a great outerwear choice for winter — lined ones are very warm yet still fashionable. M-65s, or military field jackets, are also a great choice and can fill an absence of olive that may be plaguing your wardrobe. Varsity jackets and bomber jackets are quite similar, and usually basic pieces that can be paired with everything from button-down shirts to scoop-neck tees.


For when it gets colder and especially for when it starts to rain, boots are a must-have. On rainy days, you can keep your feet warm and fully protected from the elements, but most of all, you can avoid getting water in your socks. Among the most prevalent styles of boots in the fashion community right now are chukkas and work boots. Chukkas can be worn with just about any type of pants, most notably jeans or chinos. Work boots are on the pricier end but are better constructed and can fit an entirely different style. Some options for work boots are Timberland work boots — a staple in streetwear and Thorogood moc toe boots — a cheaper version of the essential work boot, Red Wings.