Fight the system! Eat Chipotle! Live your life!


Unlike many students, I am not satisfied with the daily grind. I do not find enough challenge in the day to day Paly life. I came to Paly excited for the challenges ahead. Alleged “rigorous” coursework, pressure for high standardized test scores and the expectation of admittance to a prestigious university after my four years seemed like a trial of my worth. I found myself quickly disappointed as I annihilated all challenges in my way. Since my realization, I have sought supplemental challenges to spice up my day to day life.

My most recent adventure was a race against the machine with my companion Maclean Mansfield. Instead of settling for another boring lunch period and a environment-ruining drive like the common man, we decided to bike to chipotle.

Chipotle—considered by many to be the last bastion of American freedom—is loved by many Paly students. Each lunch, students race to either the Stanford or El Camino location to order their burrito in time to have a chance to eat comfortably and make it to class on time.

Due to equipment complications, Macdaddy had to borrow local legend Emma Staiger’s bicycle. Once we figured out Emma’s bike combination we set off on our journey, passing unmotivated peers satisfied with mediocrity.

The key to this challenge is the route. The neighborhood around Peer’s park is catered toward bikers with ample barriers blocking the passage of cars. Bikers have no trouble maveuvering through the maze while enjoying the scenic area in the process. Biking by Peer’s park and through the California avenue shopping area makes for a quick trip—under 10 minutes for Mac and me.

We ordered our burritos ahead, specifying an 11:45 pick up. After a record fast, leg busting bike ride, we arrived at precisely 11:45, locking our bikes to the conveniently located upfront bike racks. This was my favorite burrito to date. Putting in the hard work before made this ‘rito taste all that much better.

As Mac and I scarfed down our double chicken meals, we watched other Paly students file into the door after looking for parking spots. We had beaten every driver and even finished our burritos before the first Paly student could tell the servers what rice they wanted.

We left Chipotle at 11:55, leisurely biking back through the scenic neighborhood and parking our steeds punctually at 12:02. We had never been back to school this early after driving to an eatery. We meandered on over to the deck where we were greeted with admiration from our fellow seniors.

I would definitely recommend trying this out yourself. It is much quicker than driving, enjoyable, and good for the environment. If you plan on challenging yourself I would recommend something other than the fur moccasins, long-sleeve shirt and pants I wore. In the future I plan on wearing tight bike shorts and aerodynamic accessories in order to minimize my time and maximize my style.