Anxiety from dealing with prom preparations

Although prom is a whole two and a half months away, the stress has already begun as if it were tomorrow.

To some it may seem premature to start worrying about prom — especially when there is a more impending date for the upcoming Sadies Hawkins formal. However, the students at Palo Alto High School do not delay when it comes to preparing for the biggest, most enthused dance of the school year.

Prom causes stress in two main ways, emotionally and financially. This year, prom will be held in San Francisco’s fabulous City Hall. Without a doubt, as they are choosing their prom dresses, many girls will be fantasizing about themselves walking down City Hall’s cascading set of stairs — whether it be with a group of friends, or while linking arms with their own date.

The issue of the date:

In preparation for prom, there are a bevy of questions that need to be asked. The most prominent of such questions is who to go with (unless two people are in a relationship, then good for them, they’re set). There is a lot of anxiety and stress surrounding this issue, especially if one is unsure of who to ask, which people will be asked or if one will be asked at all. There is no shame in going with a group of friends if the latter is the case. Prom will still be just as enjoyable and memorable.

Once someone gets asked to prom, there is then the pressure to define whether or not the pair will be going to prom as just friends or something more. But in the end, what happens at prom stays at prom … or is that just applicable to Vegas?

The issue of the dress:

A couple of girls have already created the “Prom Dresses 2015” group on Facebook. In this group, female attendees post pictures of the gowns they are planning to wear to the dance. This is mainly done to avoid matching between people. If two people do happen to wear the same dress, then it’s just a matter of “who wore it better.”

One of the unspoken rules about this prom dress club is that seniors get priority. Freshmen, sophomores, or juniors that want to get the same dress as a senior should probably reevaluate their choice and choose another dress.

But don’t worry, there are still 76 days to choose a perfectly nice dress that was neither a first, second or third choice. Guys, just buy or rent a nice tuxedo and get a matching bowtie, tie, or pocket square.

The issue of the money:

Prom does not play around when it comes to the expenses. Even though we live in Palo Alto and “everyone is rich,” money is still money. On average, most girls will buy a dress that costs upward of $200. Renting designer dresses, at its cheapest, hovers around $50 to $100. Some guys may have a nice tuxedo laying around that they could wear. However, if not, a new tuxedo can cost anywhere from $60 to $130. Then there are the tickets.

Last year, prices were around $150 at most. If someone is planning on paying for both himself or herself as well as his or her date, the price total will be near a whopping $300! Attending prom is a pricey business.

Don’t be afraid to be frugal — spending less in each of the aspects of prom will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Good luck on your preparations!