Spring Fashion


Andrew Sternfield and Jensen Hsiao

As spring approaches, it is time to trade all your warm winter clothing for more light and vibrant alternatives. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when you decide to shop for that new wardrobe.


Socks: Spring’s greatest opportunity to add exuberance to your outfit. Those Costco socks won’t cut it anymore; there are no pants to cover up your laziness. Instead, either make the decision to play it safe by wearing low-cut socks or be bold and make a statement. Fashion is all about taking risks and straying from the traditional styles can be intimidating, but also highly rewarding. Socks allow for complete freedom: say something about yourself, add a little humor or just sport some crazy pattern. This goes for the athletes too — add some individuality and spend those $14 on two pairs of unusual socks instead of yet another pair of Nike Elites. However, if you would rather keep the jock style, at least save yourself the embarrassment of wearing shoes that expose the heelcap on your Elites.

Shorts: Each spring brings a major life dilemma for guys: what kind of shorts do I wear? This huge decision will say everything about you, or at least who you want to be. Cargo shorts for the vast majority of high school boys are unnecessary. What’s the purpose of having six pockets for absolutely nothing? We are in high school, not a wilderness camp. Basketball shorts, on the other hand, are understandable. Comfort is of utter importance, and the regularly used touches of neon can still make a sort of fashion statement. However, switch it up once in awhile. After wearing basketball shorts throughout fall and winter, it is pretty obvious that you’re an athlete and there is no need to continue proving it. Instead, open up a new drawer and pull out a classier pair of chino shorts in a soft pastel. Exposing your knees is not the end of the world, but will soon have all the girls running towards you. Embrace your inner frat boy; college isn’t too far away.

Sunglasses: As soon as the weather forecast gets over 75 degrees, it may become quite tempting to whip out that new pair of Ray-Bans you have been eyeing all winter. However, proceed with caution. Sunglasses walk a fine line between douchey and hip, therefore knowing how to wear them properly often proves difficult. Selecting a statement, yet classy eyewear is the first and most important step. If you want some flare, then by all means purchase a pair featuring a fun color. It’s spring — you are allowed. Reflective lenses can also provide a similar statement, though they are easily scratched. But never wear sunglasses which flaunt both of these. If you do, please take yourself over to the nearest douche jar and drop in a Jefferson. But, do not put that wallet away yet — wearing sunglasses indoors is easily another five, at night is definitely worth a ten. However, whenever your newly-tanned calves aren’t visible, leave them at home.


Pastels: Pastels — such as mint greens, corals, baby pinks and lavenders — have made their way back into the fashion scene, and are not going anywhere. Seen all over the Spring 2014 runways, pastels add soft color to your wardrobe without coming off too flashy. Those who rarely style color into their outfits should start small by pairing clothing with pastel accessories, such as jewelry and scarves, with other neutral-toned pieces to highlight their outfits. Once one is more comfortable with wearing these colors, they can try wearing bolder pieces, such as pastel blouses, skirts or jeans and even combine multiple pastel articles of clothing together in an outfit. Pastels tend to make one look tanner, making the hue perfect for achieving that “summer glow.”

Cropped jackets: Many complain about the contrast in temperature of spring mornings and afternoons, as afternoons can be quite warm while mornings remain chilly. Cropped jackets are the perfect solution to this problem: a simple, short layer to throw over a light spring or summer outfit. These jackets come in many variations, are versatile and easy to style. Jackets made of denim, twill and leather are among the most popular styles and are sold at many stores starting around $25. Try pairing the jackets with pieces of clothing that are solid in color or have minimal patterns for everyday go-to outfits.

Statement jewelry: Statement jewelry is not just for formal occasions. Jewelry, whether it be rings, necklaces or earrings, are key in mixing up outfits and can make a dull or plain outfit stand out. Statement pieces may be harder to wear than typical minimalist pieces, but are more unique and live up to their name: they make a statement. The concept of introducing pastels into a wardrobe applies here as well, start small. Begin with jewelry that feature classic colors, such as gold, white and black. Then, slowly transition to jewelry with more sophisticated, attention-grabbing colors and shapes. A couple of ideas on styling these pieces are pairing necklaces with collared shirts or color-coordinating multiple pieces of jewelry with a basic outfit.

High-waisted skirts & pants: High-waisted shorts have been trending for a while and are easy to pull off, but high-waisted skirts and pants take a bit more effort. If styled right, they accentuate one’s waist and create the illusion of longer legs. However, they must also fit right, as they may be uncomfortable if they’re too tight or droop down to your hips if they’re too big. Any top can be worn with these skirts or pants as long as it is easily tucked in and will stay in place throughout the day. High-waisted skirts often look great when accessorized with a belt, long cardigan or flannel and high-top shoes for a cute and chic look. Boots with socks, a simple top and a cropped jacket worn with high-waisted pants would make for a relaxed and comfortable outfit on a colder spring day.