Spring fashion tips and ideas for students


Dami Bolarinwa

Seniors Ethan Jorasch and Walker Ritchie express their spring style by wearing Chino shorts and boat shoes to school everyday

Spring is just around the corner, and that means trading in your warm winter layers for something a little more bold. Here are a few tips to help you improve your spring wardrobe.


Chino Shorts: Many guys immediately gravitate towards basketball shorts as soon as it gets warm, which is understandable. They’re casual, comfy and extremely versatile. However, if you’re not really a sporty guy, or you just want to switch it up a bit, chino shorts are a suitable alternative. Classic khaki is always a good idea, but if you’re a risk taker, try something in a light pastel, such as blue, yellow or even pink. Paired with the right polo, these shorts give you a casual, yet put-together look that screams style. However, be sure to accessorize with caution. If worn incorrectly, this combo can make you look a little too frat-boy, which can be annoying.

Boat Shoes: The boat shoe is the classy man’s flip-flop. They dress up a simple outfit in a way that Vans and Nikes don’t. If you’re one of the few who think these shoes are too preppy or too old-man, think again. Boat shoes can go anywhere flip-flops go, such as school, the beach or the boardwalk, and they’re just as comfortable. One of the most popular brands of boat shoes are Sperry’s. Their Top-Sider shoes were originally meant for actual boating, but over the years have been integrated into everyday male fashion. These shoes look best sans socks with a nice pair of khaki shorts.

Bucket Hats: Bucket hats, which were originally intended for farmers and fishermen, picked up popularity during the rap scene in the ‘90s, and eventually faded away. But, like every good trend, they are making a huge comeback in the modern fashion world. As seen on people like Wiz Khalifa and Miley Cyrus, the bucket hat is this year’s spring and summer must-have accessory. They’re available in cartoon, camo and even floral prints, along with khaki. Not only do bucket hats serve as a unique accessory to your outfit, they actually do a good job of protecting you from the sun. If you’re looking for a garment to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, and make you look good, a bucket hat is the choice for you.


Birkenstocks: That’s right ladies, Birks aren’t just for old people anymore. Birkenstocks have in the past been associated with weird losers and nursing homes. However, they have since made a comeback in the fashion world that nobody saw coming. One major reason for their popularity is how comfortable they are. Birkenstocks are made to mold to your feet, which makes walking around in them almost blissful. In fact, it’s scientifically proven that wearing Birks increases the quality of your posture and comfort, which is just one of the many benefits. They come in a variety of colors and look good with almost any type of legwear. Patterned socks are a good accessory to wear with these shoes, which may sound weird, but they add a little bit of boldness and flair to your outfit.

Matching Two-Piece Sets: Crop tops are a staple in every girls closet. However, it can be tricky to decide what to wear on bottom while trying not to clash two different patterns. The spring 2015 runways have provided a solution to this problem: matching two piece sets, or co-ords. Co-ords are two piece sets that include a crop top and either a skirt, shorts or pants with the same pattern. One of the amazing things about co-ords is their versatility. When you buy just one set, you essentially have three different outfits. If you choose to wear them together, you cut the time it takes you to get ready in half. If you’re not really into the matchy-match look, you can take either the top or bottom and pair it with something else from your closet.

Sundresses: Sundresses are a fun alternative to the classic short-shorts and t-shirt combo that many girls rock in the spring. They keep you just as cool as shorts do while adding a little girliness and femininity. They are the perfect choice if you want to dress up a little while still remaining casual enough for school. If you want to keep your look simple, patterned dresses with minimal accessories is a good option. If you feel that your accessories complete your look, a simple dress is the way to go. With a solid colored or even two toned dress, you are free to experiment with your accessories any way you like. If you like accessories and prints, you can have the best of both worlds by wearing a patterned dress with a statement piece, such as an eye-catching necklace or interesting rings.