Library construction plans to be finalized

Projects for new gym and library to be voted on

The Performing Arts Center construction is going well, as the structure is starting look more and more like a theater every day. Vice Principal Jerry Berkson has high hopes for the Performing Arts Center, expressing that it is the construction project that requires the least worry out of the three that are currently taking place.

With the construction of the Performing Arts Center going steadily, the Palo Alto High School  administration looks to devote more time towards the construction of the new library.

The library’s construction will begin as soon as construction of the Performing Arts Center is finished. The plans for the new library are still being proofread, as the library is still in its early stages. The library is more expensive and will need to take more time than any of the other projects that the Paly administration has undertaken.

“The [library] project is a bit over budget at this time, but the original plans may have some details that are not necessary and could be omitted or adjustments made to help fit the budget,” Berkson said.

The next construction job that has to be undertaken is the new gym. Plans for a new gym have been discussed since fall of 2013. Although construction was initially expected to begin after winter break, the date for construction has been moved to June.

The final plans will go to the board on April 1 for approval, and will be sent to the board again in May for a final approval.

In order for all this to happen, the contractor for building the gym has to send the construction logistics to subcontractors and decide whether or not they will undertake the job of building the gym.