Administration prepares for upcoming testing

Staff works on WASC, CAHSEE and AP exams

The Palo Alto High School administration is currently looking for locations to conduct Advanced Placement (AP) testing, a task made difficult due to campus construction. The AP tests are scheduled to begin on May 5, and will finish by May 16.

This year’s Career Month will be taking place in the Haymarket Theater every weekday at lunch from March 2 to March 12.  Speakers consist of succesful individuals with the desire to spread awareness of what their career entails and what a day in the life is like. Students who attend the talks will be provided with a free lunch consisting of pizza, salad and a treat.

Dean of Students Adam Paulson is working  on the logistics of administering the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE), a required test for all sophomores. Paulson is currently hiring and training proctors.

In addition, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) visited and evaluated Palo Alto High School March 2 to 4. These visits occur every six years.

“We have a six year school wide action plan to combat students’ school stress,” Principal Kim Diorio said. “Primarily, we’re partnering with Challenge Success, which is a research based program at Stanford which teams with schools to provide solutions to increase student engagement while reducing stress and pressure. We are going to be looking at things like aligning grading practices, looking at the homework load, and making sure that students are not slammed with tests, quizzes and projects all due on one day. Those are the initial steps we are taking, but we will be looking at everything in the WASC report.”