Athlete of the Month

This edition featuring Julia Asin
Athlete of the Month

Julia Asin, a senior on the track team, runs a variety of races. She describes her experience on the team and gives advice to aspiring runners.

The Campanile: What events do you run?

Julia Asin: I run the 400 mostly and I also run the 200, 4×100, and the 4×400.

TC: Would you say the 400 is your favorite event?

JA: I would say I have a love-hate relationship with the 400 because it’s the event I’m best at but it’s also horrible and painful and disgusting.

TC: That sounds awful. What are your goals for this season?

JA: Last season my main goal was to break 60 seconds, which I did. I just wanted to run below 60 seconds again [this season], which I did at the Gunn meet. So now my goal this season is to consistently run under 60 [seconds] and maybe break 59 [seconds].

TC: You’re doing the 4×100 this year. That’s new, right?

JA: Yes, it is new. It’s super fun and we have this group chat.

TC: Who’s in this group chat?

JA: There’s Cat [Yu], Anna [Dukovic], and Marion [Sellier].

TC: Who’s your favorite person on the 4×100?

JA: I would say they’re all unique and nice and fun in their own ways.

TC: How do you feel being a senior on the track team?

JA: Being a senior on track is what I have always looked forward to. It’s fun and you’re older than everyone.

TC: So you’re a captain this season. Do you feel like you have a lot more responsibilities?

JA: This year we’re going to try to change up the warm ups since we didn’t really have a team warm up last year. Being a captain is really fun.

TC: Why do you think you’re athlete of the month?

JA: I don’t know! Well, I’ve been running four events at every single meet. I run two 400s at every meet and for those of you who don’t know the 400, it’s horrible.

TC: Do you think that’s worse than running the mile, the 800 and the two mile all in one meet?

JA: Yeah. Yeah. I ran cross country my sophomore year and the 400 is definitely worse. But I admire long distance.

TC:  How would you describe the transition from the [Jason] Fung Era to the [Kelsey] Feeley Era?

JA: Obviously Fung has a lot of years of track experience. What’s great about Kelsey is that she used to be a middle distance runner so she knows a lot about the 800 and the 400 and she really helps me out.

TC: Do you have a pre-meet routine?

JA: When I was a sophomore I was actually ridiculous and I had to wear the same exact sweatshirt and shorts to warm up, and I used to have to eat the same exact salad from Trader Joe’s. But now I usually just get a healthy salad from Calafia and drink lots and lots of water and I’m good to go.

TC: What’s your advice for a runner aspiring to become the next Julia Asin?

JA: I guess you mean good at the 400?

TC: No. The next Julia Asin.

JA: Oh. Stay in school. Keep it real.

TC: Do you have any last words?

JA: Cat and Sarah are my favorite people in track.

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