Student officer elections to come to a close

ASB coordinates prom logistics and Not in Our Schools Week

Currently, the focus of the Associate Student Body (ASB) is planning for various student activities that will take place in the next quarter, such as the International Lunch, the 2015-2016 ASB elections, Not in Our Schools week and this year’s prom.

In preparation for the 2015-2016 school year, ASB is currently electing new officers for ASB President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer along with Class Presidents and Vice Presidents. On March 23 and 24, ASB presidential and vice presidential candidates engaged in a town hall style forum for the first time. Each candidate gave a speech on their aspirations for next year and then opened up the forum to students, who could ask questions and clarify the candidates’ positions on specific issues.

ASB is also currently working to execute the International Lunch, which will take place on March 31. For the first time, ASB’s climate committee is hosting an International Lunch, where Paly clubs will have a fundraising opportunity to sell food on campus. Students will be able to purchase food from a diverse array of club booths to support Paly clubs and enjoy a snack. Clubs and language classes can also set up informative booths to educate students about the organization’s goals, past achievements and events.

Not in Our Schools week, a week dedicated to ensuring social and academic equality, will be on April 20 to April 24 and ASB has decided themes for each day of the week. William Zhou, current Junior Class President, hopes to see NIOS engaging more students and having a wider effect on campus.

“Traditionally, Paly’s NIOS hasn’t been as big as other schools, but this year we’re really trying to make the week have a larger impact with more relevant themes and involvement from the school,” Zhou said.

The themes from Monday to Friday are Erase-ISMS, Ability Awareness, Sexual Awareness and Identity Safety, Compassion and Action in conjunction with Service Day, and Health and Wellness.
ASB has also been working on configuring and the various logistics of this year’s prom, which takes place at the San Francisco City Hall on April 18. The theme this year is “I left my heart in San Francisco” and tickets are being sold until April 10 for $120 with an ASB card and $130 without an ASB card.

On Feb. 26, ASB helped set up a student forum, which many students attended to offer potential improvements Paly may make. Some of the main topics discussed include interactive, project-based finals, allowing test retakes and ACS counseling. Students were able to express their opinions and staff members took note of each topic and students’ stance on many issues.
Overall, ASB continues to work to organize relevant school events, such as the International Lunch, Not In Our Schools Week and prom, in the final quarter of the 2014-2015 school year.