District examines policies

School Board revises multiple school codes

Palo Alto Unified School District’s (PAUSD) Board of Education held a policy review meeting recently, reviewing 13 different policies.

The Board began by reviewing the Fees and Charges Policy, which included the addition of the clause that school officials may charge for school events such as Advanced Placement examinations, with the clause that they are not a course requirement and have no impact on a student’s grade in the class.

The Board reviewed the Mathematics Instruction and Science Instruction policies. The group also made minor edits to clarify the language of the math policy and add in small sections to address students struggling with their class as well as students who need additional challenges.

“The language that we have about students that are at risk of failing to meet performance standards seems fairly objective to me,” PAUSD Board of Education member Ken Dauber said in one of the policy review meetings.

After a suggestion from PAUSD Board of Education president Melissa Baten Caswell, the wording was revised in the policy to include computer science courses and covers other options relating to mathematics instruction to ensure college preparedness.

Curriculum regarding religion was addressed in the science policy.

“[Philosophical and religious theories] may be addressed in science classes, in the context of the history of science and the scientific process,” according to the revised science policy.

The Board continued to discuss the Sale or Lease of District-Owned Real Property Policy and the Financial Reports and Accountability Policy.

The Board also discussed the policies of Tobacco Free Schools, Employee Notifications, Status Reports and Post-Retirement Employment. The tobacco policy outlines the health hazards associated with tobacco products and prohibits the use of these products in district buildings. The notification policy details when a notice should be sent out to employees about various subjects.

The meeting continued with a review of the Discipline Policy and the Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process Policy.

The meeting concluded with the Board’s review of the Identification and Education Under Section 504 and Remuneration, Reimbursement and Other Benefits policies.