Baseball team stays positive after defeat

The baseball team rebuilds after its defeat against San Ramon Valley High School

Palo Alto High School varsity baseball team suffered an unfortunate loss in the tenth game of their season after getting defeated by San Ramon Valley High School with a score of 3-0 last Saturday on March 21.

This was a tough loss for the Paly Vikings, scoring no runs the whole game.

However, this was only their second loss of the season and the team hopes to bounce back quickly for their next game against Wilcox High School on March 25.

The success of the recent games has brought the team together, united under the common goal of great performance.

“The boys are playing with a lot of energy. Everybody seem to be on the same page,” said Pete Fukuhara, first year head coach said. “They are all really good kids.”

Recent games are an indicator of the effectiveness of this coaching strategy.

In a game against Mountain ViewHigh School, a few great plays led the team to victory. The game ended with a core of 13-6. Coach Pete Fukuhara was pleased by the team’s performance.

“We came to the field ready to play, our first inning on offense, everyone was really unselfish they went up with the attitude of just battling into the next guy and it payed off,” Fukuhara said.

“We got a couple big hits, Ben Cleasby hit a triple with a man on second and third,” Fukuhara said, “Just a number of quality at bats just carried us through.”

Fukuhara believes that most of the team’s success has come from a combination of good coaching and the teams ability to put in effort.

“We have the theory of just getting a little bit better everyday and just coming out and working really hard,” Fukuhara said.

The players, excited by the last few games, are more motivated than ever to do well in leagues.

“I think we have what it takes to win leagues,” sophomore Ben Cleasby said. Cleasby’s enthusiasm is shared by the rest of the team and has been heightened by its recent successful games.

The Vikings are looking forward to their next game on Friday, March 27, against Wilcox High School.