Insta-Fashion Bloggers

Insta-Fashion Bloggers

Everyone knows the panic of not knowing what to wear at 7:55 a.m. before rushing out the door to school. At that time, drastic efforts are made to throw a presentable outfit together — rummaging through piles of clothes, trying on this and that, desperate to wear something nicer than a pair of sweats. Fashion bloggers are a great way to find inspiration for outfit ideas or new styles and trends to try, but through media such as blogs or Youtube, posts and videos can take several days to a week to be published. Through social media such as Instagram, however, fashion bloggers can post photos at the touch of a button and stay connected with their followers on a much more intimate basis. Here are seven Instagram accounts guaranteed to equip anyone with plentiful outfit ideas and fashion tips. And, on top of that, guaranteed to get rid of horrible early morning outfit dilemmas.

matthewzorpas — Matthew Zorpas is what anyone would expect out of the modern gentleman, hence the name of his blog, “The Gentleman Blogger.” Zorpas is usually dressed in more formal wear, such as suits and dress jackets, but that does not mean his day-to-day outfits are anywhere near similar. Zorpas loves to spice up his outfits with statement prints on ties, shirts or pocket squares, try different types of dress shoes or even add a stylish hat in the mix on some days. When Zorpas is vacationing and allows himself to dress more casually, one can expect nothing less than dapper style out of his clothing, with his simple yet charming choices in his outfit pairings.

imjennim — California native Jenn Im has got the Asian, Cali-girl style down like no one else. She switches between outfits that have more of a bohemian tone to outfits which are more sophisticated or even outfits which have a darker, more grungy look. Im’s Instagram account features fashion updates or “outfits of the day” with little tidbits of her life and beauty products sprinkled in the mix. Im shops or features items from a variety of lesser known stores to mainstream shoppers, therefore offering followers not only outfit inspiration but lots of shops to check out as well.

feralcreature — With her ever-changing hair color and signature wing tip eyeliner, Eugenie Grey is not a fashion blogger to be overlooked. Grey’s style is very clean and sleek and similar to Im’s, as it can vary between bohemian and grungy, slightly goth-like looks. She takes her inspiration from other fashion designers such as Dion Lee. Her style is ever-changing which reflects her childhood. Grey’s choice of style usually depends on the weather, as Grey currently resides in both Los Angeles and New York, her darker clothes are more common in the freezing New York Winter, and her lighter, more flowy clothing is reserved for the sunny summers of Los Angeles. Grey’s account features updates at least once a day, with followers guaranteed never to be bored.

chiaraferragni — Chiara Ferragni may not have the most creative Instagram username, but her account is worth a follow nonetheless. Ferragni’s blog, “The Blonde Salad,” represents your classic fashion blogger — super chic, elegant and always a step ahead of everyone experimenting with new trends by working with a group of the top young fashion bloggers. Ferragni has been the first fashion blogger to be on the cover of Vogue Magazine, and has even started her own shoewear line, the Chiara Ferragni Collection. Ferragni is usually dressed head to toe in the newest designer trends from Valentino, Chloe or Calvin Klein, and is never caught without a trendy bag in hand.   

dulcecandy — Dulce Candy is the go-to, sweet, adorable, girl-next-door fashion blogger. After being sationed in Iraq for 15 months, she made make up videos while working as a mechanic to add femininity to her life. Covering both her absolutely darling style and trendy cosmetic products, her Instagram account is sure to leave you jealous of both her wardrobe and makeup collection. Candy’s outfits usually have a simple, colorful and down-to-earth style, but do not let that fool you — she knows how to dress up as well. Additionally, this girl knows how to accessorize like no other! Candy is not only a blogger, but also a mother and has recently become an author as well — her new book, titled “The Sweet Life,” details her tips and tricks for success.

iamgalla — Both a style and travel guru, Adam Galla is the definition of men’s fashion on the go. Galla mixes up his wardrobe and look depending on his location, taking on a more poised and upscale style when he is in cities like London or Paris, but taking it down to a more casual feel when he is in Brazil or the Bahamas. Regardless, Galla has got all the looks covered, whether he is in a suit and tie for a red carpet event, a trenchcoat and chinos in London or wearing Ray Bans and Sperrys at the beach. Galla is a style inspiration for men who love fashion around the world.