Young Thug and Lil Wayne clash

“Barter 6” sparks hip hop controversy

Young Thug is a polarizing character in the current hip hop scene whose name sparks much controversy and debate, due to his unique music and approach to the genre. His mixtape “Barter 6” was set to drop on April 17th, yet was released a day early. Before April 17, many thought the project was his debut album, but all of this was clarified in a press release from his record label 300 Entertainment. The label also announced that his debut album would be titled “Hy!£UN35” with a scheduled release date of August 28. Following these announcements ‘Thug released his second music video from the mixtape for the first track “Constantly Hating.”

Just days before the mixtape was released, Thug announced that he would no longer be using the title Carter 6 due to fear of legal action. The Carter is a series of albums released by Lil Wayne since 2004, and The Carter 5  is currently set to be released in 2015 after many delayed potential release dates. Thug was not able to use such an album title since it was the intellectual property of Wayne. Use of such an album title was said to be an ode to Wayne, who Thug lists as one of his main inspirations. Though the intentions of the original album title were good, Wayne went on to diss Thug during one of his tour stops in Ohio.

Thug responded through instagram stating he wanted no part of any beef, reiterating that Wayne was one of his idols. Though no direct confrontation has taken place, Thug held a listening party in Wayne’s hometown of Hollygrove, New Orleans, which many saw as a insult in its own way. Cash Money Records founder Birdman is featured on the mixtape and has been prominent throughout the rise of Young Thug. Birdman was recently sued by Wayne for money owed from his solo work and label imprint Young Money Entertainment. Prior to these events, Wayne and Thug even collaborated on a track making the controversy more unexpected.

Shortly after the original mixtape announcement ‘Thug released his first single from the tape titled “Halftime.” Following this release ‘Thug then leaked the single “Just Might Be” produced by Wheezy, who produced eight of the 13 tracks on the mixtape. Producer London on da Track, a common Young Thug collaborator also produces a good number of tracks from the mixtape. A couple weeks later the video for “Check” was released in which Thug, Birdman and others from his crew flaunt extravagant amounts of cash.

Even though Barter 6 is only a mixtape, it will leave fans eagerly anticipating Thug’s upcoming debut album.