Girls lacrosse on winning streak

The Lady Vikes hope to beat Mountain View for their final home game

The girls varsity lacrosse team has continued its season with a 13-1 record. The Lady Vikes have not lost a game since their match against St. Francis Catholic High School on March 14, in which they lost 20-22.

On April 16, the team faced off against Henry M. Gunn High School for the second time in the season. The team won against the cross town rival with a score of 11-7.

The game included goals from seniors Claire Chevallier, Allie Peery, Lauren Gargiulo, Lisa Rogge, Liana Pickrell and junior Maya Benatar.

According to junior Maya Benatar, the team has been successful due to the amount of effort the players put in each game.  They all come ready to play at every game.

“Unlike other teams we play in league, we have more than one or two powerful players. We really work as a team and every player on the field is a critical part of our success,” Benatar said.

The team faced Saratoga High School on April 21 and won with a score of 10-7.

Goals were made by seniors Paige Bara, Allie Peery, Lauren Gargiulo, Claire Chevallier and junior Maya Benatar. Last season the Lady Vikes won Santa Clara Valley Athletic League (SCVAL) against Saratoga with a score of 15-13. Looking forward in the season, Benatar hopes to continue their successful record onto SCVAL.

On April 29, the team played against Los Gatos High School and won with a score of 11-6.

The team has gone undefeated in their league with a record of 9-0.

“I think we are definitely making it a goal to take the SCVAL championship for the second year in a row,” Benatar said.

Despite its success this season, Chevallier believes the team still has some room for improvement.

“We’ve been pretty successful, but I’d say what trips us up the most is not staying mentally focused when the refs make dumb calls or when other frustrating things happen,” Chevallier said.

The girls will play Mountain View on May 5 for final home game.