Students enjoy ASB activities

Field Day and “Best of the Best Sports Fest” exceed expectations

The Palo Alto High School Associated Student Body (ASB) established a successful environment for Field Day and “Viking Best of the Best Sports Fest,” which took place on May 15 through May 22. Field Day continued the tradition of past years by providing popular activities, free food and extra lunch time to students.

ASB added bungee jumping to the array of inflatable obstacle courses.

“I think it’s a good experience where stressed out high school students can have a lunch with their friends just to have fun and be happy,” sophomore Maddie Frick said.

In addition to Field Day, “Viking Best of the Best Sports Fest” is a new event aimed at creating an at-ease environment leading up to finals.

This tournament consists of football, ultimate frisbee and volleyball all played by teams composed of at least one freshman, sophomore, junior and senior.

This event is replacing the all-girls flag football competition, powderpuff. Unlike powderpuff, “Viking Best of the Best Sports Fest” combines all grade levels to create friendships and interact with one another.

“I think it is really great how the teams are mixed up by gender and grade because it allows for students to make new friends and connect with other grades which is really important,” sophomore Tess Preising said.

The week began with a face-off between teams in a game of flag-football similar to the years past with powderpuff.

The next day the teams all participated in a game of ultimate frisbee to earn more points for the next game of volleyball.

On Wednesday the teams dueled in consecutive volleyball matches in order to earn their final points before the teams were then cut down to the top six.

“I don’t normally play football, volleyball or ultimate frisbee, because I don’t have a lot of time to do so after school, but since ‘Viking Best of the Best Sports Fest’ is giving us a chance to play these games with whoever you want during school, I was definitely looking forward to it,” Preising said.

After Wednesday, the most successful teams moved on to the final rounds. With the final day on May 22, teams are looking forward to finishing the competition and finding out who will be crowned the winner of the new ASB Sports Fest tradition.