Fiery Arts Fall Glass Sale approaching

“Shrek The Musical Jr.” and a choir social also coming this fall


Jacky Moore/The Campanile

The Fiery Arts Fall Glass Sale will feature pieces from students and professionals.

Over the next two months, Palo Alto High School’s art and theater departments plan to host many events, including a choir social, a Fiery Arts Fall Glass Sale and “Shrek The Musical Jr.” performances.

On Sept. 24, Paly will hold its second choir social in the Media Arts Center. Although the choir social will be open to anyone, the event is mainly for choir members, both new and old, as well as for their parents to socialize and get a feel for upcoming choir events.

“The choir social is an event held at the beginning of the year for parents, students and basically everyone to get together, talk about the year to come, listen to some casual performances and just have a good time,” senior Jenny Xin, the choir president, said.

The event will include numerous activities and performances, including karaoke sessions and acapella group performances.

“[You] get to sit around, eat food, talk with friends and just watch or participate in various performances,” Xin said. “It’s always fantastic.”

From Sept. 25 to Sept. 26, Paly will also be hosting the annual Fiery Arts Fall Glass Sale. Every year, Steve Ferrera, Paly’s sculpture and ceramics teacher, organizes the fall glass sale, where professionally made glass sculptures and creations can be bought by the Palo Alto community.

Previous glass sales featured a variety of creations including terrariums and pumpkins as well as cups, bowls and vases. This year, the sale will also include elephants, trees and cherries.

“Every year we try to include a few new items just to make it so that every year, when people come back, it’s not the same stuff,” Ferrera said.

Glass pieces are mostly made by adult professionals, but some advanced students help in production as well.

Prices can range anywhere from $5 for small pieces to $100 for larger pieces and all proceeds from the sale of the items will go to Paly’s art program. Money from the sale also benefits students.

“With the money from last year’s sale, we sent eight students to the Glass Art Society conference,” Ferrera said.

As the first play of the new school year, from Oct. 1 through Oct. 4, Paly’s theatre department will be performing “Shrek The Musical Jr.”

All three departments — choir, theater and art, are prepping for the upcoming school year.