CCC provides admissions guidance programs to seniors

Events planned in order to prepare seniors for the upcoming college admissions process


Jeremy Fu

Students listen intently to a college representative in Paly’s College and Career Center.

Palo Alto High School’s College  and Career Center (CCC) has a number of upcoming programs for seniors looking for guidance in the college admissions process.

Representatives from many colleges around the country have begun their visits to Paly. To sign up for these events, students can visit Naviance for dates and times. College Advisor Sandra Cernobori believes that these visits provide students with valuable insight into colleges and the programs they have to offer that is  not delivered online.

The CCC is also hosting events to help with the college application process for schools that do not use the Common Application and University of California (UC) schools.

“For non-Common Application schools that require paperwork, school reports and transcripts, there will be two workshops, one for the early round and one for regular decision.” Cernobori said. “I also do a UC application essay case study where we go through example essays and break down what the UC is looking for.”

This year, the annual Palo Alto College Fair will be held at Paly’s library and student center, as the big gym which has traditionally housed the event is undergoing demolition in preparation for a new complex. The fair will be on Oct. 12 at 6:30 p.m.

“Seniors should target specific colleges to help build a list, or just to ask some questions. For juniors, it is a good time to investigate,” Cernobori said.

The CCC also provides counseling to help seniors form college lists, review essays and discuss strategies for early action or demonstrated interest.

During College Awareness day, which is on Oct. 14, seniors can receive help with the California State University or UC applications, Common Application, community college applications and financial aid.

“There is a whole host of events for seniors,” Cernobori said. “In terms of essay specific workshops, the English department also hosts workshops for students.”

The CCC also provides counseling to help seniors form college lists, review essays and discuss strategies for early action or demonstrated interest. Cernobori recommends all seniors meet with their college counselor at least once to discuss plans.

“For students who haven’t met with us [college counselors] yet, we would strongly recommend that they do.” Cernobori said. “We keep track of people who have made meetings and at some point we will call in students who have not had a meeting to check in.”

Cernobori also offers advice to parents who are helping their kids through the process.

“Try and set a tone that is accepting of a wealth of your student’s choices,” Cernobori said. “I feel like the tone that they set will set a tone for their children.”

Cernobori also believes that it is important that parents are involved in the college application process, but are also sensitive to their student’s emotional well-being.

“Be aware that this can be an emotion-filled time and be sensitive to how it impacts you and your own child,” Cernobori said. “Parents, be involved in the process. Do not — for the lack of a better word — nag your students. Maybe set aside an hour every week to check in about college apps, so your students do not feel like they are always being asked about it.”