ASB introduces new night rally for Spirit Week

Following the conclusion of freshman elections and Spirit Week theme voting, Associated Student Body (ASB) has started planning a revamped Spirit Week and the homecoming dance.

According to ASB President, senior William Zhou, there is much to look forward to in these upcoming months, including new events such as a night rally.

“For the first time [in recent years], there’s going to be a night rally during Spirit Week, and this year’s homecoming is shaping up to be the best it has ever been,” Zhou said.

This year’s new night rally has been inspired by Henry M. Gunn High School’s night rally and will give students the opportunity to be more engaged.

“Every year, we go to Gunn’s night rallies to judge their air bands and they’ve always been a blast,” Zhou said. “We’re always looking for new ways to make Spirit Week more fun and exciting and we think the night rally can do that. If all goes to plan, expect to see hamster ball races among other new games at rally.”

The night rally will replace the Thursday after-school rally since the Big Gym is no longer available.

Senior Kate Abed thinks that the night rally will be a positive change and will encourage more students to participate.

“It [the night rally] will be more engaging for a larger group of students rather than those who are good at or enjoy basketball,” Abed said.

As of now, ASB does not have a theme for the homecoming dance but with the Small Gym unavailable, ASB will have to find an alternative location for the dance.

“Since both of the gyms are gone, this year’s homecoming will be off campus,” Zhou said. “I don’t think I can share the venue yet, but trust me, it’s really good.”