Best Places to Nap at Paly

There is no denying that everyone has those days where not even the glory of a Douce France chai latte can wake you up. It is third period and the four precious hours of sleep you got last night are catching up to you. The sleep deprivation has made you shameless and you need a nap. You ask yourself in desperation: Where in the world can I nap peacefully and comfortably on this campus? Well, you are in luck. As one of the world’s leading napping connoisseurs, it is my passion to unveil the napping secrets of Palo Alto High School.

The Media Arts Center (MAC):

The state-of-the-art journalism building does not only exist for late night productions, but is also the ultimate spot to nap at Paly. Filled with only the best polyvinyl chloride pellets, the adored bean bags of the MAC make for prime time napping. Scared of napping out in the open and being the victim of someone’s Snapchat story? Not to worry. The colorful blocks of the MAC make for good fortress building, as long as Pkandy allows it. If that backfires, take a scenic hike up the stairs, gaze off into the distance and admire the assortment of James Franco’s art. Your hike will take you to yet another underrated nap spot — the journalism library of the MAC, located in room 205. The journalism library is a wonderful area for private napping. Adorned with colorful couches, bean bags and pillows, you will fall into a deep slumber, wondering why James (yes, it’s a first name basis kind of thing) hasn’t responded to any of your DMs on Instagram and Twitter yet.

The Library:

Although it gets a little loud at times and sometimes even R. Kelly cannot calm the storm, the lounge chairs in the library do a fantastic job of simulating the feeling of lying down. It may be a little adventurous to nap so out in the open, but any chance to nap is a chance worth taking. Remember these words of wisdom, “You miss 100 percent of the shots you do not take.” Again decked out in Franco’s art, the library is a great place to stare at the bizarrely painted ampersand (&) and contemplate Franco’s state of mind at the time he painted it, until you slowly drift off to sleep, wondering about the universe and the random bananas on that other painting. Paired with the fast click-clacks of computer keys, sounds of textbook flipping and occasional lecture to a food criminal, you will be fast asleep to pass the time during the lockdown that is Tutorial 2.0.

The Senior Deck:

Of course this venue is limited to seniors only, unless you want to risk an endless stream of dirty looks. It is a great place if you are in desperate need to lie down and get your share of Vitamin D. Unlike the overwatered grassy quad, you will not be in danger of accidentally laying down in a puddle or getting unique lawn marks all over your body. Not only is the senior deck possibly the most sunshine soaked place to nap on campus but, it is also all natural. But being the most organic area at Paly comes with its costs — the risk of being on someone’s Snapchat story is very high. Then again, since you have decided to make the choice to nap at school, you are officially deemed #shameless.

Take this as an opportunity not only to satisfy your sleeping needs, but also to seize the day! If you really want to kill two birds with one stone, this is the perfect opportunity to try and fulfill your dreams of becoming Snapchat famous.