1 in 2000: Kyle Powell

1 in 2000: Kyle Powell

The Campanile (TC): So how is your day going?

Kyle Powell (KP): It’s okay. I mean I’m going to meet my tutor later, nothing really new. So far okay.

TC: So you were in the sophomore spirit dance…

KP: True.

TC: You had a great solo…

KP: So true.

TC: How was that.

KP: It was really f—ing amazing, like really amazing.

TC: Would you say that Beyoncé is your queen?

KP: True, she is sooo my queen, so my queen. She is the fabulous goddess that no one deserves, but she is still on this earth.

TC: Since the queen will be able to lead our country soon, if Beyoncé ran for President in 2020, do you think she would beat Kanye?

KP: F— yeah, she would totally beat him. What am I talking about, Kanye ain’t gonna win.

TC: What is your spirit animal?

KP: My spirit animal? I don’t think I have one, I’m sad.

TC: Why don’t you have a spirit animal?

KP: I don’t know. I have never really thought into that before. What would be something fun and creative?

TC: I don’t know, I feel like my spirit animal would be a koala.

KP: Maybe a unicorn. I’m full of rainbows and joy.

TC: What is the best part about sophomore year?

KP: The best part of sophomore year is … I really do not know what to say. Sophomore year kinda sucks, but I am trying to see the highlights. You get to do more exploring, you get to find yourself and see where you belong.

TC: What is the worst part about sophomore year?

KP: The homework, it sucks. So much.

TC: Do you think it will get better junior year?

KP: No. It ain’t gonna get better, it only gonna get worse.

TC: I could tell by your Instagram that you draw a lot, do you want to talk about that?

KP: Drawing is a hobby of mine. Since I was doing a challenge on Instagram called Inktober where you draw a picture of everyday of the month, but because I have been so busy with homework and tests lately, I haven’t been able to. It is a good way to relieve stress.

TC: How would you describe your aesthetic in one word?

KP: I have three words: b–chy, sassy and queen.

TC: Queen?

KP: Queen.

TC: In relation to the queen herself, Beyonce, where are you on your queen level?

KP: In relation to Beyoncé, not even close. Normal standards, a little bit more or halfway. Not full, but maybe a good 80 [percent there].

TC: Also, you have fantastic hair. Do you want to describe your hair to our readers?

KP: It’s ratchet as hell, it looks really ugly, but in style it’s okay.

TC: Would you say you are hair goals?

KP: I just want it to be fabulous. I just want it to have luscious color and be fabulous, but it can never be that.

TC: Any last words for Paly?

KP: Stay fierce, stay fabulous and stay strong no matter what.