District looks for student opinions on new tutorial policy

Administrations has district training in future

Palo Alto High School administration has been working hard on teacher observations, district trainings and preparing for the upcoming semester.

According to Assistant Principal Victoria Kim, Paly administration is working on teacher observations in order to discuss ways in which teachers can improve their skills.

“Administrators observe teachers and then meet with them afterwards to discuss the observation and provide guidance and suggestions for ways to make instructional practices even better,” Kim said.

The administration is also trying to interview more students in order to get more input regarding the changes made to the new Tutorial system that was implemented earlier this school year.

“Our admin team continues to discuss and monitor how Tutorial is going and figure out how to make improvements,” Kim said.

The administration has been busy participating in various trainings implemented by the district office.

“We’ve also attended a training at the district office that was related specifically to the work we are doing in our Professional Learning Communities for our Western Association of Schools and Colleges action plan goals and another training on 504 plans,” Kim said.

According to Kim, as the first semester comes to a close, the administration is using this time to reflect in order to figure out how they can improve in the following semester.

“While we are heading into the end of semester one, the work now is actually focused on planning for what we need in semester two and on,” Kim said.