ASB begins to plan for second semester events

After Spirit Week, ASB looks to add activities that are more inclusive

After a successful Spirit Week 2015, the Associated Student Body (ASB) is looking to reform certain activities for the coming year such as pumpkin carving.

“Pumpkin carving during spirit week was unfortunately not an inclusive event,” Senior Class President Eli Friedlander said. “We are constantly looking for ways to better Spirit Week to try and make the week all about class unity. But regardless, this was a very successful Spirit Week.”

They are also looking to implement homework free days and have been talking to the site council as well as the administration about what dates to have them. Feb. 11 to Feb. 15 is under consideration due to the long weekend.

ASB has also started to think about events for the winter time. Although almost nothing is for certain yet, students can still look forward to Cookies and Cocoa after finals.

“We’re playing with a lot of ideas but we don’t know exactly what we’re going to do yet,” Friedlander said. “Cookies and Cocoa on the quad is definitely set in stone.”

ASB is currently thinking of winter sport tournaments students can partake in with their friends.

“We’re playing with the idea of a volleyball tournament like we did last year,” Friedlander said. “Just some kind of winter sports activity, maybe badminton or kickball.”

For the tournament, there will be two teams, where two different grades will have to pair up. A holiday movie night, as well as quarterly movie nights is also something ASB members have been talking about. A survey will be out in early December to get feedback from students.

The winter rally is also coming up; however, there have been complications due to the ongoing construction at Paly, eliminating the student-staff basketball game as an option.

“We have to think about a lot of new things and talk to the administration,” Friedlander said. “Obviously, we don’t have a big gym anymore so we can’t have a student-staff basketball game.”

The prom location will be revealed at the winter rally; this year 720 tickets will be available. Ticket sales may change, as last year’s ticket sale rules were not explicitly said. Therefore, this year ASB plans to release a statement regarding the rules. The application deadline for climate committee is also coming up.