Alternative and accessible outfits to try out this season

Winter outfit ideas that bring together comfort and fashion

As winter approaches, girls are beginning to pull out their UGG boots, Lululemon yoga pants and comfy hooded sweatshirts. To avoid matching with every other girl in school, here are some trendy, affordable, go-to winter outfit ideas.

Comfortable, but Cute

    One way to dress comfortably while also keeping up with the hottest fads is to pair an oversized sweater with a colored pair of jeans. This chic look is perfect for a winter day in the Bay Area and can be purchased at most stores. Places like Nordstrom, J. Crew and Forever 21 usually carry essentials like these. In order to ensure the oversized sweater will not make one’s legs appear shorter, tuck a small part of the sweater into the front of the pants. Booties match well with this combination, as do crossbody bags.

Rainy day

    Though the rainy day style may not be worn often, seeing as it hardly rains in Palo Alto, it is always nice to have clothes lying around for those rare days. This look will help one stay fashionable while surviving the terrors of Lake Paly. The foundation of this look is the classic combination of rain boots and a raincoat to keep dry. Hunter is a great brand of boots because it sells the original rain boot style in all colors and finishes, but those boots can be quite pricey. However, Hunter boots do not have to be bought at their full retail price. To find them at a discounted price, look for them at Nordstrom Rack or find similar, cheaper rain boots at Target or on Amazon. To differentiate the outfit from any random rain boot-and-raincoat combination, incorporate a turtleneck into this outfit. Turtlenecks are gaining popularity as a staple piece for this season and can be included into any ensemble. Black jeans are ideal for this rainy day look, seeing as they work well with all colors and patterns, including the crazy designs on some rain boots.


    Every girl searches for an outfit which she can wear to be on the cutting edge of fashion, as well as to keep warm in the Palo Alto winter. This look combines various staple items into a fashion-forward look that is both stunning and relaxed. To create this basic style, combine a long cardigan with tall boots, a plain white tee and a pair of jeans. Cardigans are essential items in any girl’s closet and can come at a reasonable price. These sweaters can be found at most stores such as Anthropologie, Hollister and Urban Outfitters. For items like tall boots, quality is imperative to ensure the pair lasts long, so it is best to splurge. Tall boots can be purchased from a variety of companies including Frye, Sam Edelman and the BP department at Nordstrom. Plain white tees can be purchased anywhere, though the quality will vary based on the price and store.


    The resurgence of graphic t-shirts, ripped clothing and leather jackets has thrust grunge attire into the spotlight once again. Graphic t-shirts have made a remarkable comeback in recent years, having been popularized by brands such as Brandy Melville. Topshop has the most diverse array of these shirts, the most popular being their vintage band and movie shirts. To keep with the grunge theme, match a pair of black ripped jeans with a graphic t-shirt. There is an immense number of brands to buy jeans from, once again, all depending on budget. Some examples of brands to purchase from include Paige Denim, Abercrombie and Joe’s Jeans. Finally, bring this look together with a leather jacket. The leather jacket is another item that may be best to splurge on to ensure longevity. Leather jackets can be purchased at stores such as Macy’s and JCPenney. Recommended brands include Wilson Leather and GUESS.