1: in 2000

1: in 2000

With The Campanile’s own Joanna Falla

The Campanile: Okay Laura so what’s good?

Laura Sieh: I’m … very good.

TC: So during Spirit Week, you had a tendency to dress up but not with your own class. Do you care to elaborate?

LS: I consider myself as kind of a freedom fighter of sorts, so yeah.

TC: So what did you dress as this year?

LS: Um, on the color day I dressed in red, which is the sophomore color.

TC: Why?

LS: Because I didn’t dress up on the other days, so that was my contribution.

TC: What’s the worst part about junior year?

LS: At this point it’s mostly the classes that you have. Also I’m doing like, I wouldn’t say this is the worst part, but I have a lot of work this year. I’m writing for Verde, I’m also involved with Paly Theater, I wrote some of the music for “The Odyssey”, and I was also involved in “Shrek” as a musician and a performer.

TC: How’s taking PE junior year?

LS: I was actually enrolled in dance.

TC: Oh, sorry. How’s working with Mrs. Gibson in the dance studio?

LS: I’m actually not taking dance. I’m enrolled in it senior year.

TC: What? What are you taking now?

LS: I added Physics. I mean [next year] I might take PE instead, because like with PE it’s zero period, you know, but I’m just considering my options.

TC: If you could describe yourself in three words or less what would it be?

LS: *three minutes of silence* Persistent, impatient and light-hearted.

TC: What’s your advice for the underclassmen?

LS: Buy me food at Town and Country.

TC: What would you say your aesthetic is?

LS: Well in terms of fashion it would just be more like whatever I have in my closet, in terms of like my work and stuff I would say I like it pretty clean, pretty organized.

TC: On your Facebook and through other social media you definitely have a different style, especially your profile pictures. Would you consider your presence on social media as eccentric or iconic?

LS: Yeah, yeah. I would definitely say that I have a pretty eccentric social media presence but I don’t have a lot of followers and stuff like that so if y’all wanna follow me that’s @usadice on twitter, guys.

TC: Do you consider yourself a class clown of sorts in any of your classes?

LS: Not really, I’m more of a class … I’m a prophet.

TC: Could you elaborate?

LS:  Well I speak the truth and I speak the whole-hearted truth, and no one can get me, not even … I will be unrestrained by the law, because I am a wild … west.

TC: What do you think you’ll get for senior polls next year?

LS: Um, I’ll probably get Scrawny to Brawny because like, I’ve been really working it at the gym and if you guys see me, I’m getting major gains.

TC: Do you have any last words for Paly?

LS: Honestly I think this whole interview is a PR disaster so … I’ll have to talk to my publicist about this.

TC: Do you want to say anything else for the people?

LS: …

TC: You can say no, Laura.

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