1 in 2000: Sean King


The Campanile: First question. If you had to, what would you rate your rap battling skills on a level from 1 to 10?

Sean King: I’m alright, definitely not the best. But I’m definitely better than Louie Marzano is at rapping. Eh… five.

TC: Describe your relationship with Louie Marzano.

SK: He’s a good kid, but he tends to remind me of a fish from time to time.

TC: Oh really? What do you think of being a trout, as some people have called you?

SK: I think it’s a derogatory comment which I tend to use a lot myself. But I guess what goes around comes around.

TC: What do you think of vape culture at Paly?

SK: Well you know the vape culture at Paly, [is] in pandemic mode if I’m going to be honest with you — it’s really terrible. All these people blowing these demonic clouds destroying our bathrooms. It’s almost toxic really.

TC: Alright, well would you support a vaping designated area of the quad?

SK: Yes, preferably the deck and only for seniors.

TC: Haha, okay, so a more serious question. Who is your favorite dictator of all time?

SK: Hmm, Julius Caesar. He ruled with an iron fist.

TC: Okay, Okay. You know he was an emperor right? Well, thoughts on maybe tearing down the deck and building a newer, better, two-story indoor one?

SK: It’s a travesty.

TC: What do you think, being a senior now?

SK: Being a senior now, I’m glad that my year was the last year to have the real deck, because you guys as juniors will never have the real deck.

TC: Oh wow. Can you give me some new slang words around school, some lingo?

SK: The new lingo? Check out 3PACtv.com. You should be quite filled in.

TC: Anything, like hoots?

SK: I sometimes say stuff like “hoot,” “trout,” you know “swag,” I like that word.

TC: I like that one too. Give me a rundown of what you’re wearing right now.

SK: Well you know I’m wearing a leather jacket, a red shirt, some jeans and aviators.

TC: What is your favorite part of what you’re wearing?

SK: Right here… my favorite part the aviators.

TC: Would you consider yourself a good longboarder or skateboarder or who can do tricks?

SK: I would say I’m alright at long boarding,  definitely not very good with tricks on a skateboard, although I’m a legend when it comes to scooters.

TC: Haha, I could see that. Any advice that you can give for underclassmen?

SK: Clouds are beautiful, always take a minute to stop and appreciate a good cloud.

TC: Very spiritual and good stuff. What would you say is your favorite type of cloud?

SK: Cumulonimbus clouds.

TC: That’s a really great cloud. If you could change something at Paly what would it be?

SK: Promote Ronnie Farrell to be principal. Oh, and for advice to underclassmen, please refrain from stepping on the deck until you are a senior.