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What to eat at Town and Country on a tight budget

What to eat at Town and Country on a tight budget

A common New Year’s resolution for students is to spend less money. However, with the ever increasing prices of the student specials at Town & Country, the task of finding a quick and satisfying meal becomes all the more challenging.

For the average student unwilling to spend more than a few dollars on lunch, this goal may seem impossible. But, for the student willing to look a little harder, many lunch deals can be found for under $4 without being labeled as an overpriced student special.

The “I literally don’t even have a dollar’s worth of change in my backpack” lunch:
For the student who woke up too late to pack a lunch or to remember his or her wallet, the possibility of buying lunch is seemingly unattainable. With only some spare change found at the bottom of their backpack, this student is now forced to mooch off of their friends or hopelessly search for a club that is having a pizza party during lunch, because there is no way anything at Town and Country could cost less than a dollar right? Wrong.

Trader Joe’s and CVS, possibly the most dependable of staples of Palo Alto High School students, multiple food options sold for under a dollar. For example, a banana at Trader Joe’s goes for just 19 cents. If you are feeling extra extravagant, pair your banana with a bottle of water for 17 cents, coming to a grand total of 36 cents (not including tax, you do the math). If bananas are not your fruit of choice, Trader Joe’s offers other fruit such as apples and pears for under a dollar, sure to keep your tummy full until your next snack.

The carb lover’s lunch:
Bread and butter is possibly one of the most well known deals of Town and Country, found in multiple forms at various places for no more than $2. Though not as filling as other lunches, bread and butter serve as a quick satisfying snack to fill you up until after school.
At Mayfield Bakery, a demi roll and butter is only $1.50, though they do tend to run out quickly. From Village Cheese House Deli, bread and dip for $2 includes a dutch crunch roll and your choice of their original dipping sauce, marinara or mayonnaise. For a twist on the bread and butter, Tava Indian Kitchen serves its own naan for $2. If bread is not your carb of choice, fries are sold at both Gott’s Roadside and Kirk’s Steakburgers for as low as $2.99.

The “I’m going to take advantage of my fast metabolism while I still have it” lunch:
Health is typically a comparatively low priority for high school students buying lunch. Luckily for them, there are plenty of nutrient-empty, sugar-filled snacks for no more than a dollar. In the back of CVS, everything from popcorn to cookies to cereal is available for a quick fix. Trader Joe’s also carries a wide array of chocolate and candy for only a dollar. So why not take advantage of these great deals and a young metabolism for as long as possible?

The healthy lunch:
After eating nothing but junk food for the past few lunches, students will probably be looking for something healthy to make themselves feel better about all of the garbage that you have been consuming. To satisfy that ever-rare green craving, the good and reliable Trader Joe’s has a wide variety of salads and wraps, such as the Lemon Chicken & Arugula Salad or the Buffalo Chicken Wrap, which are priced at just under $4. For those who find salad unattractive, though, Asian Box offers its own spring rolls for $3.64.

With multiple satisfying and cheap lunch choices can be found all over Paly’s beloved Town and Country, why settle for more expensive and unoriginal choices?
Next time you make your way across the street for lunch, try looking around for a new, cheaper meal before getting in line for your usual overpriced special.

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