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Tips for Spring Break

As a high school student, the prospects of having a wild and crazy adventure over spring break may seem bleak — the “wildest adventures” people have often become a week with family in a tropical resort in Hawaii or a cozy cabin in Tahoe. However, for those lucky enough to stay in the beautiful Bay Area over break, there are a plethora of fun and local activities aside from the classic beach getaway or senior roadtrip to occupy your time on your 10 free days.

Foodie adventures

For those who have grown tired of Bare Bowls, Sushirrito, T4 and CREAM, staples of Palo Alto cuisine and therefore deemed “basic,” dare to venture outside of your local suburban comfort zone for some different food options. Many use their Spring Break to adventure around the Bay, and San Francisco is a popular place to do so, being home to some of the most unique food and drink choices in the country. Show Dogs for one, is a gourmet hot dog restaurant that serves an array of artisanal sausages and sandwiches, all of which have their own unique twist on the classic American staple foods.  Also in San Francisco, Plentea is a boba shop  that sells its pearl milk tea in tasteful glass jars, which are just begging to be the subject of your next Instagram photo. Heading in the opposite direction from the city, Milkcow in Fremont is a different type of creamery which serves its own unique flavors and toppings, making for a delicious and aesthetically pleasing treat.

Spring cleaning

This may not be the most fun or exciting activity to occupy your free time this break, but it is well worth the effort. Multiple studies have found a correlation between stress and a cluttered living space. As the most stressful time of the year approaches, getting rid of junk you do not need will not only improve your mental well-being, but also help you stay more organized for the final quarter. In addition to decluttering your life, you can also sell your old clothes online or at a consignment shop as a way to earn extra cash.

Staying inside

Staying inside is possibly  the easiest and most satisfying way to have fun locally this break. In giving yourself a much needed rest from work and socializing, you can also catch up on the latest TV shows that you have fallen so behind on while in school.


Spring weather provides the perfect opportunity to go outside and get some exercise. Stanford campus has many beautiful hiking trails including Windy Hill and the Stanford Dish, all of which are just a short drive from Paly. However, if you are willing to make the longer journey to Mission Peak, hiking in Fremont is a great option, only an hour drive from Palo Alto, and you will have the chance to feel the sense of achievement that comes with standing on top of the funky metal landmark at the peak of the trail. Though the action of hiking itself may not seem appealing to the average student, the view from the top of Mission Peak will more than make up for it. If at any time in your hike you find the trek to become too rough, whisper to yourself “Do it for the Insta” repeatedly for motivation until you make it to the part of your trail with the best view to take your picture. On the way back down, you can consume your time by thinking about a witty caption to get maximum likes. Whichever trail you choose, don’t forget to wear your Lulus.

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