New Apple store offers excellent service and great environment


The new Apple store is made of a glass front and roof.

It has finally arrived: the new Apple store on 340 University Avenue. Despite much secrecy and the store being covered up, the new Apple store opened its doors on Sat. Oct. 27 at 10 a.m., handing out shirts to the first 1,000 people in line to enter the store at its entrance.

The store features a new revolutionary design, consisting of a glass roof and a floor-to-ceiling storefront. The walls of the new store have a stone-like pattern, and are made up of Apple’s classic gray color. Also, the new store is estimated to be around 15,030 square feet and is estimated to cost around $3.15 million, according to

On Friday Nov. 3, I went in to the new Apple store to buy a screen protector for my iPhone 5. As soon as I entered the doors, I saw Apple employees on both sides of the door waiting to greet me and get me situated as soon as possible.

At the front of the store laid all of Apple’s main products, including its iPhone 5, Macbook Pro, iMac, iPad and recently its brand new iPad minis. Towards the back, the store had cases, product accessories and Apple’s classic “Genius Bar,” which provides free customer support on all Apple products (The Genius Bar is a pre-existing feature in Apple Stores).

After checking out the iPad Mini, I went to the back of the store to purchase my iPhone 5 screen protector, and of course it was there. The second I picked up the product, an Apple employee came up to me to explain the benefits of the screen protector and its features; I thanked him and went across the store to see all of the accessories that integrate with Apples products.

After looking around for a while, I was greeted by another employee, who answered all my questions about the accessories and such. The employee rung up the screen protector that I wished to buy, and the checkout process was phenomenal. I did not have to move or do anything; I gave him my credit card and he said I was all set. I was pretty content and then he asked me if I would like him to put on the screen protector. This type of service was remarkable; moreover, the employee put on the screen protector with perfection.

My experience at the new Apple store was great. The new store looks flawless, revolutionary and innovative, especially the high use of glass. But that is not why the new store is so wonderful; the attention to detail for service is exceptional and the ability to walk in the store and feel like you are talking to a real person rather than a car sales associate is what makes the store, and all of the Apple stores, so much better. To all of those at Apple who made this store possible, thank you.