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1 in 2000: Tessa Barry


The Campanile: So I know you have a passion for socks, do you want to talk about that?

Tessa Barry: I love socks, oh my goodness. Whenever I have money I save up and I go to the sock shop and I buy like five pairs at a time. They have to be different from each other, but I have so many different kinds that it is hard for me to find new pairs of socks. I love animals, especially cats. I always wear cats so I have a lot of cat socks. But I love colors because it’s pretty much the only place where I have color on my body and so it has to be boom, this is a statement piece.

TC: What’s your favorite pair of socks?

TB: My favorite pair would probably be my unicorns. I have long unicorn socks that have a rainbow, and it’s going over the rainbow. I feel really flamboyant and different. I like feeling different.

TC: Do you think socks are the most underrated article of clothing?

TB: I say yes, in a sense not in Palo Alto. In Palo Alto they have kind of blown up a little bit, which is fine, so socks, go them, they deserve the spotlight a little bit. But in general, no. People are afraid to have a cool sock.

TC: True, what are your opinions on school and coming to school as a second semester senior?

TB: I would rather not go to school and hang out with people I don’t like.

TC: On a scale of zero to ice cold, how chill are you?

TB: I’m pretty f… can I swear?

TC: Yeah we’ll bleep it out.

TB: I’m pretty f*cking chilly if you ask me. Like, ask Bryn [Carlson], she’s pretty crazy and I’m totally cool with it. You do you, if you are going to be crazy, be crazy.  If you are going to be timid, that’s you. I’m going to do me, and that’s pretty chill. Keeping it cool, that’s a big thing.

TC: I’m going to need Bryn’s opinion on this, how chill is Tessa?

Bryn Carlson: So chill. I’m kind of a lunatic and she puts up with me.

TB: I love people like Bryn because I feed off of people’s energies. If you are going to be super excited, I’m going to be super pumped because you are super excited. If you are super sad, uh oh because I’m going to be sad too.

TC: What’s your spirit animal?

TB: I’m a f*cking frog okay.

TC: Why a frog out of all the animals?

TB: I meditated and a frog came to me. I read it and looked it up and was with Alex Rose and my spirit animal is a frog, it’s confirmed.

TC: If you were any kid snack, what snack would you be?

TB: What’s my favorite cereal right now? I’d be Lucky Charms.

TC: Do you feel like you are more of the marshmallow?

TB: The tastier part for sure. Screw the cereal, give me the marshmallows.

TC: Have you ever just bought the marshmallows?

TB: No, uh oh, that ruins the ratio. You gotta have the regular cereal or it’s just going to be all good, all the time. You need some of the bad stuff, because the bad stuff makes the good.

TC: So really you get a life lesson from cereal?

TB: Definitely. I have a piece of advice: don’t be shy. If it’s a dance move, if it’s a song you really want to sing, don’t be f*cking shy, just do it, because you are going to be so much happier.

TC: Any last words for Paly?

TB: Smell ya later.

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